Filled with the Devil’s Seed

Had she actually done it? Was she really holding a signed contract with the Devil in her hands? Signed with her name, in blood from the tip of her finger? What had she been thinking?

She stared at him, all six-and-a-half-feet of hunky, gorgeous man, and  knew what she’d been thinking with. Her pussy throbbed just from the sight of him. From his thick black hair and amber eyes, to his darkly tanned skin covering massive muscles, the Devil was a feast for the senses. Every other part of her had cut all ties with her brain, leaning towards him, lusting for him, while her brain screamed out warnings.

The longer she stared at him, the quieter those voices got. He had a smug smile on his face, but then why wouldn’t he? He was the Devil. Capital D. The most Hellish man around. Was he even a man? Did she care?

“Come Cassidy Maguire, we have much to do.”

He held out his hand and before she could think about it, she took it. Her world vanished in the blink of an eye. The temperature rose to such unbearable heights, she felt certain she’d burst into flames.

Cass realized that she’d squeezed her eyes tight when she heard all kinds of voices, but couldn’t see anyone. Opening her eyes, she stared in shock at the people around her.

She was in some sort of catacomb, the walls made of bones, some human, others unidentifiable. Between each arch was a tableau she’d never seen in real life before. Sex of every imaginable type and several that she’d never have been able to imagine in her wildest fantasies.

She saw women having sex with multiple men. A group of men surrounded one man on his knees. They took turns coming in his face. Was that a giant bee mounting a woman, doggie-style? She saw what she thought was a bull, and surely the woman couldn’t take such an enormous cock inside her.

Before she could find out, the Devil pulled Cass through a door and the heat subsided significantly. From the fires of hell to the cool breezes of a house overlooking the sea. She couldn’t tell the size of the house or where in the world it was, but the view was breathtaking.

Storm winds tossed the seas, fluttering the curtains on the windows. There were curtains on the bed, as well. The room was richly furnished without being garish. With a start of surprise she realized it was the home of her fantasies.

Had the Devil plucked it straight from her mind? Could he do that? The thought was more than a little unsettling. What else had he seen while he’d been in her head?

As the Devil led her to the bed, she heard another warning in her head, but this time it barely registered. She realized that now, finally, she was about to have sex for the first time. She’d wanted this all of her adult life, and for a fair portion of her teenage years, too.

She was not blessed with a model-thin body or a classically beautiful face. Cass was average and overweight. What she lacked in feminine sensuality she made up for with personality, or so she liked to tell herself. She had friends, really good ones, but no boyfriends.

Watching the Devil in his man-form, she realized that she’d dreamed of him all her life. Not specifically of the Devil, but of a man who looked like him. A man, not a boy. Someone who reeked of sexuality and wasn’t the least bit ashamed of it.

And he wanted her.

Well, in truth, he wanted her womb.

Those were the terms of the contract. On his side, he got to have sex with her and impregnate her. In return, she’d get the body she’d always wanted and the beauty to match it. Oh, and fifty million dollars. It was shallow, but honestly, after fifteen years of watching all of her girlfriends date and have sex and break up and fall in love, Cass wanted to experience it, too.

And who didn’t want to be rich? She’d really love not to have to go to her shitty job again. She hadn’t found the one true passion everyone supposedly had. Hers was a job, not a career or a calling. She went to work, did her job, left, and tried to forget about it as quickly as she could. Day in, day out, for fifteen years.

Then she’d turned 35 and kind of freaked out. She’d always thought she’d have a husband and babies and be happy. Or at least happier. Not alone, lonely, childless, and bored.

Along came this arrogantly beautiful man who said all she had to do was have sex with him and everything she desired would be hers. Their meeting was permanently stamped on her brain.

Earlier that day she’d left work late. Again. Her boss had dumped a load of work on her desk right before he’d left for a date with his latest mistress. Cass gave brief thought to ignoring the work, but knew he’d only make her do it in the morning. Instead of heading home when it was bright and sunny, she got a moonless night and weak streetlights on her walk to the subway.

Only one other person rode the subway with her. He sat at the opposite end, the hood of his black coat blocking his face from view. She thought him homeless at first. When he stood and walked her way, Cass pulled her purse tighter to her chest.

He filled the car with his presence. She didn’t sense it before the doors of the subway car closed and the train pulled away from the station. Sitting across from her, he let the hood fall away and she had her first glimpse of him.

His beauty was unlike anything she’d ever seen before. Hollywood didn’t produce such raw sexiness. There was a fire in his amber eyes that she didn’t understand.

When he spoke to her, his sultry voice caressed her like a warm palm gliding up her bare thigh.

“He doesn’t appreciate you, Cassidy Maguire. He isn’t capable of tender feelings.” Leaning back, his legs spread wide, his gaze skimmed down her body. Everywhere he looked brought a fire beneath her skin. His eyes lingered on her breasts, her belly, and between her thighs.

The look in his eyes didn’t speak of tender feelings. She’d never had a man look at her like that. Half seduced already, she didn’t feel a moment’s doubt when he slid across to her side of the train. His big body curled around her, and instead of shrinking away or pushing him back, she unfurled her limbs, like a flower opening to the sun.

He skimmed his fingers lightly across her collarbone, spreading her blouse until he bared one shoulder. As he placed soft, fiery kisses along her pale skin, Cass angled her head to give him better access.

“Come with me, Cassidy, of your own free will, and I will shower you with tenderness.”

Of your own free will. He uttered the words so softly she almost missed them. A warning bell clanged inside her head, but his warm breath in her ear soothed her.

“I will make you forget all those who have hurt you with their indifference. With their callous words.”

His lips moved down the curve of her neck, gliding a path to the swell of her breast. His tongue dipped beneath the edge of her bra, to flick at her nipple. Pushing her bra aside, he sucked her nipple into his mouth.

Cass held his head to her breast. Her panties were moist and she thought he could smell the wetness on her.

“Agree to my terms, Cassidy, and you shall want for nothing.”


“Not one little thing,” he said, gently biting her nipple. “Every wish, granted. Every desire, met. All that you want. Yours.”


The Devil stroked a finger between her thighs and she felt the fire of it spread through her body.

“Everything,” he promised.

Cassidy knew there had to be a catch.

“Tell me what you want most of all,” he whispered, leaning up to nibble at her ear.

Lust, stronger than she’d ever felt, speared through her. Her breast was still exposed, her nipple aching for the return of his mouth. Her thighs were spread wide, offering her moist heat to him.

“To be with a man who loves me,” she said.

The Devil cupped her cheeks, focusing all of his attention on her.

“No man will love you the way I will.”

A small kernel of doubt sprouted inside her. Did he mean it the way she did? Or was he talking about physical love? Before she could analyze his words, or ask for clarification, he distracted her.

Sealing his lips against hers, he kissed her fears away. The stroke of his tongue swept aside her worries, before they could settle and take shape.

“Everything you want,” he said, bringing her back to the present, “yours for the taking.”

Had it sounded too good to be true? Hell yeah. Had she read the fine print? Of course. Had she signed anyway? She was there, wasn’t she?

And did that enormous bed ever look comfortable!

At the side of the bed, he immediately started to undress her. Clearly the Devil wasn’t one for small talk. Cass stood there, wondering if she should undress him, too, but figured it would get awkward, both of them trying to undo the others’ buttons.

She was still in her work skirt, hose, and a blouse. She’d been putting in a lot of extra hours because her boss was a dick who didn’t earn his giant salary by doing his own job, and she was a pushover for a man who flirted with her. Her boss was attractive, but he was not off-the-scale sexy like the Devil.

And the Devil didn’t flirt, much. From initial offer to signing on the dotted line, it took about three and a half minutes for her to agree to deal with the Devil. He was that good.

And now she was naked.

She felt a little self-conscious about her weight, but he looked at her as though she was a goddess. He brought her black hair over her shoulders so it curled around her breasts. Her skin was pale, with a rosy tinge. Her nipples were perky, aching to be touched. Laying her on the bed, he shed his clothes with a few whispered words.

She thought for sure she was going to get skewered by Devil-dick straight away, but the Devil wasn’t the wham-bam sort. Lying next to her, one hot hand squeezing her breast, he leaned over and kissed her.

Carnal, it was the best word she could come up with to describe it. Slow and sexy, he slid his tongue in her mouth. Flicking a nail across her nipple, he nibbled at her bottom lip. Her pussy throbbed from the heat pumping off him. She wanted that heat inside her.

She hadn’t actually seen his dick. She assumed it was impressive. Everything else about him was. The world wouldn’t be so cruel as to give him a pencil-dick, would it? But then, this was hell, right? Why did he hold it away from her, when every other inch of him was pressed up tight to her side?

Cass placed her palm on his chest. His skin nearly scalded her, but she didn’t pull her hand away. Gliding her fingers downward, she waited for him to stop her. She didn’t get very far before she was stopped, but not by his hand. She brushed up against the head of his cock, making it bounce a little as the Devil groaned.

Angling her body away to get a good look, she realized that the Devil was hung like a horse. She couldn’t help herself, she wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft and gave it a strong squeeze. Pre-come glistened on the tip and she had the urge to lean down and lick it off.

The sheer size of him was starting to worry her. She wasn’t up on human anatomy and had no idea how big was too big.

“We’ll fit,” he said.

“I don’t know,” she disagreed. “It’s huge.”

“We’ll fit,” he repeated.

“What if we don’t?”

“We will,” he said. “After I take your virginity, that is.” His smile wicked, he removed her hand from his shaft. Dragging his fingertip through the pre-come, he painted her lips with it.

Cass licked her lips, enjoying the strong, slightly salty flavour. She wanted more.

“How did you know I was a virgin?” She hadn’t told him. He hadn’t mentioned it before, either.

“I can smell it on you.”

Cass frowned, wondering if other men had been able to smell it.

“I’m going to taste it.”

Wait, what? Taste it? Cass watched, mute, as he shifted positions and knelt between her thighs. When had she spread them? Bending her knees until they touched the bed on either side of  her, he whispered a few words in a language she’d never heard before.

Velvet straps slipped around her legs, holding her in place. The straps came from nothing and attached to nothing, but she was firmly bound nonetheless. She wasn’t sure she liked being restrained.

Stretching her pussy lips wide, the Devil leaned in, inhaling her scent. His tongue flicked out, longer than she’d thought it was. He licked at her, flicking his tongue barely into her entrance before pulling back. He teased her clit with light touches. Enough to torture, but not to get her off.

Rolling her head from side to side, Cass moaned as the heat from his mouth and tongue seared her skin. He wasn’t in a hurry and that was going to drive her insane. He was immortal; he had all the time in the world to sexually educate her.

God, would he ever get around to making her come?


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