Chapter 22 is here

Well, I managed to finish off Chapter 22 and it’s only a couple of days late. So that means I’m all caught up. However, I intend to just post chapters as I finish them now, rather than going one per week. I’m getting to the end of the book, only another 20K words or so to write. Fingers crossed that’s all it needs. 🙂 Then I have to decide if I’m going to edit it and put it out as an e-Book or if I’m going to put it aside for a bit and work on something new. Either way, I will put it away for a week, just to refresh myself and ‘forget’ what I’ve written. I’m sure there are things I wrote at the beginning that I haven’t resolved yet, because I’ve forgotten about them. Oh well, that’s what the next draft is for. Hahaha! 🙂


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