Wolf Lust

October 21, 2015 at 1:24 pm (Erotica)

Book 1 Cover

Kat sat before her computer, trying to finish off the last few email responses she had to make before shutting down for the weekend. Her boyfriend was picking her up from work to take her camping. She was leaving early, but figured it would still be dark before they got to the site. Granger didn’t like the provincial parks. He was taking her way out into the bush with no facilities, no paved roads, and no other people. He’d been asking her to go with him for months and she’d finally caved.

The weather had looked great when she’d agreed the previous weekend. Now, it looked like a rain squall was moving in. That didn’t deter Granger. He spent his days tromping around Stanley Park, maintaining the trails, so he was used to working in the rain. Kat just hoped there would be enough coffee to get her through without killing anyone.

“You ready to get your posh little butt stuck out in the woods with that strong, virile man of yours?” Jenn asked.

Kat didn’t roll her eyes, but she wanted to. She simply nodded her head without looking up from her email. Jenn had made several plays for Granger at the Christmas party. She’d been drunk, but not so far gone that she hadn’t been aware of what she was doing. Since then, she taunted Kat, saying that it was only a matter of time before Granger smartened up.

“I don’t know what he sees in you. He doesn’t strike me as the vanilla sex type.”

Kat wanted to bark at her, but managed to clench her teeth in time. Jenn was a whore of the highest order. She’d slept with all of the attractive men in the office, married or not, including the boss. Granted, their boss was hot, but he was also a world-class douche. Married with several kids, Martin Harris didn’t even bother to hide the fact that he had several lovers on speed dial. He wasn’t subtle about wanting to add Kat to that list, either.

“Is Granger a manly man, Kat? Does he have a man’s cock?”

Kat was down to the last two emails. Quick responses to each and then she could get the hell out of there.

“Would you even know what to do with a real cock?”

Kat wanted to groan when she saw Lisa join Jenn. The two were like Siamese twins, styling their hair the same way, wearing the same clothes, even screwing the same men in the office. Kat wasn’t sure either woman did any actual work.

“Kat says she’s got her city-girl butt ready for roughing it in the woods,” Jenn said to Lisa.

“Are you finally going to take your hot boyfriend’s wood up your ass?” Lisa asked.

Jenn and Lisa broke into peals of laughter, but Kat didn’t see the humour in it. They didn’t know what her sex life was like. They couldn’t know that she’d never had anal sex before. She’d been thinking about it a lot lately and wanted to ask Granger if he was interested, but hadn’t figured out how to broach the subject.

Jenn and Lisa left when they couldn’t get a rise out of Kat. She’d learned quick enough that if she just ignored everything they said, they’d get bored and turn their spite on someone else. Kat felt the acid burn in the pit of her stomach. The longer she worked at the office, the stronger the burn got.

She sent several pages to the printer and then shut her computer down. Granger would be outside soon and she was beyond ready to get away. Collecting her coffee mug, she took it to the break room and then went to the photocopy room to collect her printouts. She didn’t groan when she saw Mr. Harris standing at the photocopier, but she wanted to.

“Kat,” he purred, “are you excited about your upcoming vacation?”

Kat nodded and stepped past him to get at the printer. She set her cell phone down on the table and collected the sheets of paper. The minute she had her hands full, her boss moved in close.

He grabbed her ass hard and pulled her against him. Backing her up, he pinned her against the table. She could feel his erection pressing against her belly. His fingers gripped her buttocks, digging into the firm, rounded flesh. One hand crept up under her skirt. He groaned when his fingers touched the edge of her thong.

“God, you’re hot,” he whispered against her hair. “I can’t wait to shove my cock into you.”

One finger dipped into the cleft between her cheeks, his finger toying with her butthole. Kat couldn’t move.

“You want it too, don’t you, you horny slut.”

Kat wasn’t turned on by the words, but his finger at her ass was making her soak her panties. When the finger pushed past her sphincter, she cried out from the pain.

“You fucking want it, I can smell it on you.” He pulled his finger out and dipped it in her pussy juices. Then he shoved it back in her ass.

Kat felt trapped by her desire as much as by the table pressing against her legs. She knew it was wrong, but it was making her so hot.

Her cell phone chimed a new text message, the sound startling her away from the table. Her sudden movement dislodged her boss’s finger from inside her and Kat took advantage of his distraction. She shoved him away, pulled her skirt back down, grabbed her phone, and left the room with her papers.

She dumped the papers on her desk, collected her belongings and headed out the door. On the main floor, she sent Granger a text telling him she’d be a few minutes. She needed to go to the washroom to dry off. She didn’t want to spend the next few hours with wet panties.

Outside, Kat ran to Granger and wrapped her arms around him. He held her close, easy at first and then a little stronger. He sniffed her neck. Kat waited for the lick he usually gave her, but instead he kept smelling her. His grip became almost painful and he made a low growling noise in the back of his throat.

“Your boss was touching you.”

Kat stiffened in shock. “How did you know?”

“I can smell him on you.” Granger sniffed her again.

Kat felt him taking long, deep breaths, working hard to control his emotions. She couldn’t blame him for being angry. She felt like she’d cheated on him.

“Did he hurt you?”

Kat shook her head. “Not really.” She wasn’t going to tell him what her boss had done. That would push him over the edge.

“Do you want me to kill him?”

Kat gave a half laugh, thinking he was joking, but the look in his eyes was deadly serious.

“Say the word and he disappears.”

“Granger, that’s not funny,” Kat whispered.

When Granger finally shook off the anger and gave her his adorable lopsided smile, she breathed easier. After the weekend was over and she returned to work, Kat would make sure her boss understood that she was off limits. She didn’t need to see this angry, fierce side of Granger again.

Granger looked like a guy who lived in the forest, with his dark hair grown a little longer and his beard untrimmed. She hadn’t thought she was a beard person until she’d met him. No hipster beard for Granger, he was either clean shaven or had a face full of hair. And he employed his beard very creatively.

Granger drove to her apartment and helped her bring down her pack and the other supplies she’d agreed to pick up. They’d split the grocery list, with Kat getting the drinks and perishables and Granger taking care of the meat. He drove across the Lion’s Gate Bridge into North Vancouver, headed for Mount Seymour. Once they’d driven as far as they could by paved roads, they’d switched to an ATV and headed into the deeper forested areas.

Granger must have had a built in GPS. He navigated twists and turns without hesitation and never consulted a map. Kat couldn’t get any service on her cell phone, so Google Maps was out of the question. She wasn’t going to panic, yet.

By dinner time, they’d been travelling in the ATV for several hours and Kat was ready for a break. She knew that Granger wouldn’t stop until they made camp, but she was already tired of the buggy. She’d seen nothing that resembled an actual road for the past hour. If Granger was lost, Kat had no way to know.

“We’re almost there,” Granger assured her.

Kat smiled and nodded, but she wasn’t sure she believed him. She’d be happy just to stop bouncing all over the forest floor for a while. And she had to relieve her straining bladder soon. She’d done the rustic peeing-into-a-hole-in-the-ground thing as a kid and hated it then. She didn’t hold out much hope of loving it now. And the idea of three days without a shower made her cringe. Granger had laughed for ten minutes when he’d spotted the three boxes of baby wipes she’d shoved into her pack.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like the outdoors, she just wasn’t as keen on it as Granger was. Still, she loved him and wanted him to be happy. If going on a three-day camping trip would make him happy, she’d suffer through. She’d camp in the summer and then make him go to the Caribbean in the winter. It sounded like a fair trade and it would allow her to keep her tan up all year.

The wind was annoying her, blowing her hair into her face. The long strands were like little lashes from a whip, stinging her cheeks and eyes. Pulling a hair tie from her purse, she turned her face into the wind, grabbed it into one hand and then tied it into a messy knot at the back of her head.

Turning back around, she spotted Granger’s eyes on her rather than the road. The wind had blown her shirt tight against her, giving him a terrific view of her curves. His nostrils flared and he continued to stare at her breasts. Leaning over, she pressed them against his arm, enjoying the heat that flashed through his eyes. His eyes always changed colour when he was horny, lightening to amber instead of brown.

“Watch the road, hon,” Kat whispered.

Granger smiled and turned his attention back to his driving. Kat wrapped her hand around his bicep, feeling the strong muscle bunch and jump as he steered the ATV. Several times, his elbow brushed against her breasts. She knew the contact was anything but casual and soon they’d have to pull over to relieve more than just her bladder.

Her hand crept up his leg, playing over the tight muscle of his thigh, tickling him high and inside. Granger opened his legs a little wider, giving her better access to him. She cupped him through his shorts, feeling the heat of his cock against her hand. He was hard, of course. Granger was almost always hard.

“I can drive while you ride,” he offered.

“We’d have to stop so I could pee, first.”

“I can pull over.”

Kat shook her head, but didn’t release her grip on him. He spent so much time teasing and tormenting her when they made love, it was nice to be able to give some of that back. She unzipped the front of his shorts and worked them down until his cock sprang free. She got a good grip at the base and squeezed her hand until he groaned. Slowly, she started to pump her hand up and down his thick, swollen shaft.

“I’m pulling over,” he whispered hoarsely.

“No, keep driving. You’ll just have to suck it up.”

Granger groaned, but didn’t stop the ATV. Kat liked the feeling of power over him. She worked him hard, watching as the sweat popped out on his forehead and his breathing became laboured. Leaning over, she took the tip of his dick into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the ridge and up over the tip. Her fist kept pumping him.

The buggy bounced several times, forcing a little more of his cock into her mouth. Kat knew he was purposely looking for potholes now. She’d never managed to deep-throat him. Trying it in a moving vehicle wasn’t such a great idea, but she thought she might try again in their tent. Right now, she wanted his cock juice in her mouth. She’d always loved the taste of semen. She couldn’t get at his balls to take them in her mouth, so she focused all of her attention on his rigid cock.

Scraping her teeth along the pulsing vein, Kat gloried in his swift intake of breath and the clenching of his thighs. Physically, he was superb; tall and packed with muscle, he had a rock-hard ass and a giant cock. She’d felt like she’d hit the jackpot the first time she’d seen him naked. He was the manly lumberjack to her delicate, curvy fairy. Not that she was delicate, but she looked it, standing next to him.

Kat gripped him a little tighter, took him a little deeper into her throat, and wrung him dry. His hand came to the back of her head to keep her there as he shot his load into her mouth. He hadn’t figured it out yet that she wasn’t going to waste a single drop of his juice. She slurped up every last bit of it. Sitting up again, she licked her fingers of the juice that had dribbled on them.

“You sure I can’t pull over and reciprocate?” he asked.

Though she’d just milked him, he was still hard. “I’m sure you’ll make it up to me later.”

“Count on it,” he assured her. He adjusted his shorts over his dick and increased his speed just a little.

Ten minutes later Granger pulled the ATV into a small clearing and turned the motor off. Kat got out, grabbed her pack, and immediately headed for the bush to relieve herself.

“Don’t go too far. I haven’t checked for animals, yet,” Granger advised.

Kat waved at him, but didn’t say a word. Her bladder was so full it was starting to cramp. She didn’t waste time with preparation, just dropped her pants and squatted down. When she was done she pulled some tissue from her pack, wiped, and then stored the tissue in a Ziploc baggie. She removed a grocery bag from her pack, tossed the baggie inside and then returned to their campsite.

“Can I hang this trash bag somewhere?” she asked, holding it up for Granger to see.

“No, we’ll keep it tucked away so we don’t attract any animals with the smell.”

“Does that mean it’s coming in the tent with us?” she asked.

Granger shook his head. “I’ve got a lock box in the back of the ATV. We can store it in there.”

Thank goodness for small miracles, she thought. She hadn’t relished the idea of keeping a bag of soiled toilet paper next to her pillow. Kat helped Granger set up the tent, and then watched as he strung several tarps over the clearing. The weather forecast had called for rain, but that hadn’t put Granger off the idea of camping. Kat had so hoped that it would.

Granger had brought dry wood to get the fire started. He collected more wood and set it near the fire pit to allow it to dry out. The first thing that went on the fire was the percolator. Kat drank a lot of coffee and Granger had promised that she wouldn’t be without it while in the woods.

Their campsite was quite beautiful, if she ignored the fact that it was in the middle of nowhere. Once he’d stuck the coffee pot on the fire, Granger grasped her hand and led her through the trees to the lake. It wasn’t large, maybe a hundred feet across and twice as long. The water rippled as fish came to the surface, marring the smooth surface. The sky was grey, so the water’s surface had a silvery shimmer to it that Kat thought looked like liquid metal.

“Don’t go in the water. It’s probably got leeches in it.”

Kat took a step back from the edge, already imagining the slimy suckers crawling all over her. She shivered and Granger wrapped his arms around her. Snuggling in, she tucked her face under his chin. She had to admit that it was quite peaceful at the lake. No street noise, no car horns bleating, no cell phones ringing. She couldn’t handle it long term, but three days would be nice.

Granger nuzzled her neck, placing light kisses and little bites along the edge of her collarbone. His mouth grazed her ear, his tongue dipping inside for a quick taste. He grabbed her earlobe between his teeth and gave her a slightly harder bite. When she yelped, he sucked on the lobe to soothe her. Kat leaned in and felt his erection against her hips. She cuddled it against her, causing him to groan and drop his forehead to hers.

He gently pushed her away from him. “If I take you right here, it won’t be quick and I’ll burn your coffee.”

Kat saw the tremble in his hands and thought it wouldn’t be quick, but it would be dirty. The idea made her blood pound.

Granger chuckled, giving her a quick, hard kiss. “We have all weekend for that,” he promised, leading her back to camp.

Kat sat in a chair near the fire, sipping a very tasty cup of coffee. She’d been a little unsure of the percolator, but Granger knew how to get a good brew from it. She wouldn’t be half as confident about her own ability to make coffee with it. Granger was cooking them each a slab of meat for dinner. He was definitely not a vegan and, in fact, had asked Kat straight up when they’d met if she had any tendency towards vegetarianism. She’d offered him the quote she’d seen on the internet that pretty much summed it up for her: vegetables is what food eats.

After dinner, Granger grabbed her hand again and took her on a trek through the woods. He knew every type of tree, shrub, weed, and mushroom they came across. He was like a walking encyclopedia. He taught her which plants were edible, which could be used to help heal various injuries, and which would cause rashes, stomach cramps, or death. Kat didn’t think she’d remember any of it once she was out of the forest. She’d spent most of the time enjoying the bunch of muscle in his thighs, or how his shorts clung to his ass when he stepped over a fallen log.

An hour into their walk, he pointed out signs of a bear in the area.

“These scratches on the tree are likely from a brown bear. Too high up to be a black bear.”

Kat stared at the scratches lower down, pointing them out to Granger. “What about those?”

“Those would be from a baby. We’ll be sure to make enough noise so we don’t surprise her with her cub.”

Kat had no desire to piss off a momma bear. She started mumbling under her breath.

“What’s that?” Granger asked.

“The song for bears. You know, ‘If it’s black, fight back. If it’s brown, lie down’.”

“If it’s white, say goodnight?” he smiled at her.

Kat nodded. She didn’t care if he was teasing her. If it worked, she’d use it. If it didn’t work, she’d be dead and beyond caring.

“If we happen across a bear, I’ll protect you,” he promised.

Kat wasn’t sure if he’d brought something to fight a bear off with, but she figured he’d know how to do it. Just as they were turning back towards camp, a sharp howling echoed through the trees.

“Wolves?” she asked.

“I’ll protect you from them, too,” Granger said, but he didn’t make eye contact with her.

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