Trinity Island – Chapter 3

December 22, 2012 at 10:31 pm (Trinity Island)

The poor girl was making a fool of herself. He watched her from across the street as she stared after her lover. Her lover was walking around town with his very pregnant wife, pretending to ignore that his girlfriend was making cow eyes at him and dagger eyes at her. The watcher thought that the wife knew, but chose to ignore it. Since she’d married the man and she was carrying his baby, she was quite vested in him. It took a strong woman to leave a man when she was so committed to him. The watcher didn’t think the wife was that strong.

He thought the girlfriend was about ready for a change of heart though. He knew that her relationship with her married lover had begun just after his wife had announced her pregnancy. He also knew that the married lover had a tendency to extricate himself from his various relationships at around the six month mark. He’d overheard the man telling a friend that he would start looking for the door when the girls started to ask when he was going to ask his wife for a divorce.

The watcher doubted that the man would ever ask his wife for a divorce. There wasn’t any need; there was no shortage of women willing to share his bed, knowing that he wasn’t available to them. The women all agreed to meet him at a vacant house on the middle island. The watcher had plucked more than one woman straight out of the yard, while her lover waited inside. It gave him a certain thrill knowing an adversary of sorts was a short distance away, yet completely unaware of any danger to his lovers. The watcher didn’t know if the man had ever questioned their disappearances. The watcher helped the man out, so why would he say anything?

He watched as the current girlfriend turned away in a huff and stalked down the street. Soon she would be asking when her lover intended to leave his wife. And soon her lover would be making his escape plans. The watcher’s time was coming. The woman would enjoy her journey to the light. Never again would she have to stare daggers into another woman’s back. Once she completed her journey her soul would be at peace, forever.

He needed to collect her soon. It had been several months since he’d assisted the lovely Stephanie along her path. The euphoria of that time was waning. Soon the hunger in him would begin to build. It came on him a lot faster now than it ever used to. When he’d first discovered his life’s work, he’d felt the glory of the kill for nearly a year before he’d recognized the need building inside him. Now it was a mere few months since he’d finished his last job and he was already thinking about the next. Truth be told, he’d started imagining the next almost immediately. He’d held out though, because his needs didn’t drive him. He wasn’t a slave to the hunger that crawled through him when he had a woman on his table.

But he wanted to do it again.

He craved the power he felt over his girls.

He needed the release that their deaths brought him.

Yes, it would have to be soon.


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