Trinity Island – Chapter 1

July 9, 2012 at 10:56 pm (Trinity Island)

The girl didn’t protest as he secured her to his table. He’d hit her pretty hard on the side of the head, but she still had a pulse. Stephanie. Such a pretty name, but it couldn’t mask what squirmed around inside of her. He could see it as clearly as he saw the makeup she’d painted her face with.

She’d decorated herself for her lover. She’d expected to meet the man in the woods tonight, but he’d surprised her. Well, he’d come upon her so swiftly he doubted she was aware of her change in evening plans. She would wake soon and then he’d explain how things stood. She’d understand, once he outlined his role as guide on her journey. They all accepted that it was time for their journey, eventually.

Leaving Stephanie to rest, he inspected the implements of his craft. His tools were kept along one wall, within sight of the table. He took his work seriously and didn’t scrimp on time with any of his girls. They needed to experience all of the pain he could give them or they wouldn’t be free to carry on down the path. His girls came to him as unclean souls and he purged them of the demons that drove them to behave the way they did.

He instructed his girls on the differences between the dark path they’d been heading down and the path of the light, which he would lead them to. His girls always saw the light in the end. They would pray for forgiveness for their sins and then he would set them free. He didn’t think it was a sin to love his job.

He glanced over his shoulder to confirm that she was strapped down, not realizing that he’d done so several times already. He didn’t recognize that he’d become paranoid about his girls breaking free of their restraints before he could finish his work. It had happened once before. She’d made him angry, the girl who had run. He’d lost control of his power for a moment or two, just a few brief seconds really, but it had been enough. His power was strong and had to be doled out in careful amounts. He’d unfortunately unleashed the full impact of his power on that girl and he’d crushed her skull with a rock. He didn’t think she’d had a chance to see the path of the light before the darkness had taken her forever.

He couldn’t regret what had happened. He understood that he couldn’t save all of his girls, but he had to keep trying. He looked down at Stephanie, still asleep on his table. The blow to the side of her head had bled some, matting her hair to her face. Picking up a washcloth, he soaked it under the tap and washed the blood away. The coolness of the cloth brought her around, her eyes fluttering open. She squinted in the dark and turned her head to stare at him.

He could see the demons writhing behind her eyes. She gasped and struggled as the demons inside her recognized his strength. Securing the chest strap around her, he tightened it until her upper body stilled. Another strap across her legs prevented her from moving her lower body. Stepping away from the table, he approached the wall of tools. He liked to start small, to give the demons time to get used to him. He would lull them into thinking he wasn’t very strong. When he had them under his spell, he would open the floodgates and char them with the full force of his power.

But that was for later. For right now, he chose a simpler weapon. He needed to weaken the demons, to drain their control. They thrived on her life force, on the blood that flowed through her veins. Every drop of blood she shed brought her a step closer to casting the demons out. Selecting a knife from the wall, he turned back to the table and began.


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