Deciphering Amazon’s Content Guidelines Violations

I posted my newest erotica story to Amazon last week, only to have Amazon reject my submission. The email telling me I’d violated their content guidelines wasn’t specific to my submission. Amazon included a link to their KDP Help page, which listed out the various possible violations, but still it didn’t get into specifics. I needed to know what was wrong in my case, not in general terms.

After searching the forums, I finally spotted a nugget of information that helped me determine the problem. One author said, in relation to the cover, “key parts and crevices must be covered”. In the image below, the cover on the left is the one Amazon rejected. The cover on the right is the one they accepted. The ONLY difference between the two is the “butt crevice”. My cover artist blocked the crevice and I resubmitted everything to Amazon without issue. I didn’t change the Word doc at all, because I wanted to make sure this was the cause. When designing your book covers, be careful of the “crevices”. 🙂

Wolf-Packed Initiation Cover - Blog smaller


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